Welcome aboard Flight Free Australia.
We aim to raise awareness of the hazards of flying, show what a “climate safe” travel future looks like, and campaign on how we can get there.

The trajectory of our campaign, like many things in our new Covid-19 world, has changed. Because the current ban on flying overseas is likely to continue for some time, and with flying domestically limited to essential travel, in effect, millions of us won’t be flying for 12 months — without even signing up to our Flight Free pledge!

Nevertheless, raising awareness of aviation emission hazards — they are still hidden, technically unavoidable, unregulated and, if unabated, will be catastrophic — remains as important as ever, especially to encourage “remaining grounded” when travel restrictions are finally lifted.

Right now though, with media coverage of Virgin Australia and Qantas crying poor, we’d ask you to help us publicise the #SavePeopleNotPlanes campaign.

The most warming mode of transport

CO2-e emissions per passenger per kilometre, as a percentage of an Economy Class air passenger’s 196 grams CO2-e. (Details and source)

PLANE • Economy seat • Occupancy 83% (average)100%
CAR • Petrol, USA • Occupancy 1.8 people (average)72%
TRAIN • Amtrack, USA • Occupancy 58% (average)51%
CAR • Tesla S, USA electricity grid • Occupancy 1.8 people (average)44%
BUS • Intercity, USA • Occupancy 84% (average)15%
Flight calculators
Understanding the global heating effect of a flight can be useful to help you plan your own climate emergency response. A number of emissions footprint calculators exist online. 

… because we can’t keep flying and avoid runaway warming.
The biofuels myth
Industry and governments relieve anxiety about aviation emissions by pointing to future ‘miracle’ solutions, which in reality are unfeasible.
The offsets scam
Offsetting is without scientific legitimacy, is dangerously misleading and almost certainly contributes to a net increase in the absolute rate of global emissions growth.
The tax evasion
The international civil aviation industry has exempted itself from paying any tax on aircraft fuel, amounting to an annual €6o billion fossil fuel subsidy.

Uplifting flight free travel tales

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